ivanWelcome to Web Social Interactive a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them.

Interaction is a vital ingredient in almost any learning process. Having said that, every interaction will not result in increased learning. When interaction features a direct affect on learners’ intellectual growth, we can say the interaction is meaningful. The particular concept of meaningful interaction is highly relevant towards the learning theories underlying the growth of particular learning environments.

My name is Radellano Ivan Christopher S. Pamonag, 16 years of age from Cebu, Philippines and presently studying at San Carlos North Campus.

I love to play online games, DOTA and others to mention. This website created with the help of my ever supportive parents in paying the domain name and hosting annually. The main purpose of this website is to develop my knowledge, skills in web design, programming, internet marketing and social media. Most importantly to develop friendly relations among young people online. I am passionate about interacting and connecting online gamers, researchers and developers.

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