Facebook Marketing Strategy – Fanpages Are Dead

The fan page is dead and your Facebook marketing strategy will not be exactly the same. Well, mostly dead. Okay it isn’t really dead, it simply seems that many people have unrealistic expectations about fan pages of course, if you need a fan page that’s an efficient advertising tool, you must know how your visitors use them and adjust your Facebook strategy accordingly.

Although people view your fan page when they call at your Facebook the very first time, according to BrandGlue 96 out of every 100 people you continue to connect to won’t ever call at your fan page again. This is backed up by our Facebook Insights where we’ve over 2.5 million fans under our all the fanpages we’ve built. So instead fans are more inclined to view your posts through their wall or reading your news feeds. So why use a fan page in any way? Your fan page could well be among the first things people see in regards to you as well as your company, if the fan page isn’t getting these to Like you and connect along on Facebook, it may also function as last.

96 of the many 100 people you always talk with won’t ever see your fan page again

Now, setting up a fan page on Facebook for you personally or maybe your company would be to easy — just go to Facebook, click on the “Create a Page” link down the bottom in the most visited page, and follow the simple prompts as presented. Unfortunately this won’t you could make your fan page stand out. BrandGlue’s stats suggest customization can double your conversion rate from visitors into followers, and making your fan page be a marketing device is one area that will need learning from your errors and testing. The good news is that several tools are available for people who find themselves less inclined to tinker. North Social for example lets you add a lot of custom touches nevertheless it comes at the price of $20/month. Static HTML on the other hand includes a free option with the ability to implement Facebook’s “like to see”.

The other problem your Facebook strategy must cover is how to obtain website visitors to your Facebook page to begin with. From outside Facebook the standard ways to get targeted traffic to a web site apply. From inside Facebook there are numerous other available choices. The first is the hope and pray method that you you could make your page, Like some related pages, and hope everything calculates. This has worked for all of us before with one our client’s profiles at almost 2 million fans, nevertheless they a major brand to their rear and significant fanbase. The second is integrating your current online assets with paid ads targeted to your distinct demographics of one’s market — by way of example targeting an 44 year old mother they enjoy Macgyver. These work well for niche target marketing and well written ads with relevant photos (women apparently get the most click through for those demographics for whatever reason).If you’d rather take your time than your hard earned money, the best way to engage a lots of people quickly is usually to create and moderate discussion on your wall through quality engagement. There will be considerably more on driving traffic and engagement on blogs to come.

Let’s check out the beginners’ Facebook web marketing strategy one further time, simply to ensure everything’s create a lover page, drive traffic to it, possess a clear call to action to get individuals to Like your page, continue the conversation online through engagement with them and provide continued value for your fans. You now have fans which can be engaged in your brand, services and products and so are able to pay for real value. That it’s so simple, you have to wonder why 99% of Facebook’s 600 million active users (and counting) are doing it wrong. Facebook isn’t only a passing fad since it is popular, but a fantastic tool to enhance customer loyalty and gain new business.
Be part in the 1%.

Create the Fanpage Drive Traffic for your page Have clear call to action to enjoy your page and/or opt-in to your list Engage your fans and encourage sharing Do steps 2-4 again, and again and again

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