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    Preach Sam

    I have my domain for 7 years and then went to vacation for 3 days. When I visit the website the domain is not renew. I contact the namecheap support and according to them they take the domain because it was never renewed. The website have good SEO and SERP and have lots of customers. Now I need to pay $250 to take back the domain and the renew price is $10 and why do I need $250. The namecheap company is not good and its better not to buy domain from this company they hijack domains. Please any suggestion..and help on how to get back my domain..

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    Bryan Andrew

    Yes, we encountered the same problem..the take our game site website..3 months ago..this company namecheap is not good as domain registrant, its better to create another website and use other domain registrant

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    Hunter Ethan

    your too late to know preach, they do the same to our 2 domains that I developed. I developed the two websites for 1 and half year and then we just forget to renew for 3 days then the take the we decide to transfer our 15 domains to another domain registrant. I suggest to look for another domain registrant and forget or delete namecheap for your existing and future doamins..

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