How Many Directory Submissions Do You Need?

How many directory submissions should you receive the inbound links that you might want?

The answer, naturally, could be the proverbial “it depends.” Back links don’t come easy, but directory submissions allow it to be appear so. How many you need to succeed at obtaining the search engine rank you would like, however, is often a question that bears very difficult answer. There are generally two approaches to backlink building through directory submissions.

The Quality Approach: Some people caution against lots of directory submissions and claim that you ought to only select the product quality submissions, but quality is actually difficult to measure. Generally, the quality directories which might be mentioned are the types which everybody knows about ? DMOZ, BOTW, Yahoo!, etc. But those are not the only directories giving back-links if you listen to the quality gurus then you’ll definitely find yourself paying $10-$50 for every directory submission you try. Not a smart move, particularly if you use a tight budget.

The Quantity Approach: The quantity approach is about getting numerous directory submissions that you can. People who employ this approach go and much more forever searching for directories to submit their website to and make sure that no directory is left out. That’s all well and good, but some discretion is needed because some directories become only link farms and also you could possibly be associating yourself with bad neighborhoods. These bad neighborhoods won’t help you any using the search engines. In fact, they could even harm you.

The Hybrid Approach To Directory Submissions: The approach that I prefer is affectionately called The Hybrid Approach. It is aware that both quantity and quality are essential. You want as many GOOD directory submissions as you can. That means you need to rule out certain directories due to reputation. Even by ruling out the bad directories, you can still find a huge number of general website directories open to the normal webmaster and the majority of them provide good inbound links. There is really a virtual gold mine of linking opportunities for that webmaster that is interested in hunting them down.

So the amount of directory submissions do you require? 100? 1,000? 10,000?

I’d say there is no right answer. You can take a look at 100, but that wont be sufficient for most webmasters to achieve high rankings with backlinks. 1,000 is way better, nevertheless it?s always best to add in just a little diversity when it comes to your anchor-text as well as the pages of your site that you simply link to. In other words, you need to do some deep linking with relevant anchor-text appropriate for each page of your respective website rather than just the property page. That’s most likely the biggest mistake new webmasters make in their directory submissions campaigns.

To be efficient, a directory submissions campaign should concentrate on multiple pages of your respective website, multiple keywords phrases per of your pages, and multiple website directories.

If you target each your key terms and match those key phrases for the best page on your site which is relevant to that key word and submit it one,000 directories on the reasonable period of time you will see a marked difference within your building backlinks and in your search rankings. Wait a fair period of time and try it again and also you’ll see more wonderful benefits. The bottom line on directory submissions is it never ends. Not if you want to do it right.

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