The increase of Pinterest continues to be remarkable inside the past few years. It has seen an important leap rolling around in its popularity index in the the past few years. Recently, it surpassed the amount of referral traffic sent by Yahoo. People who spending added time on Pinterest than Google Plus and LinkedIn.

It soon took over as number 3 online community in the US. Noteworthy growth was experienced regardless if it allowed new registrations simply by invitation. It is a great challenge resulting from this social web site to some terrific giants like Google and LinkedIn.

The Business Model Pinterest was made keeping in mind the social networking and social sharing needs from the user. The recent success of Facebook and Twitter made the platform to the invention of the visual social sharing site. It offers a gamers to express interesting images from online on the boards.

The concept of image sharing grew well among the women audiences and also the interest in this website grew. It is remarkable to make note of that around 80% in the Pinterest users are women. Now, the advertisement model is predicted soon.

The advertisers tend to be more than interested in promoting for this image sharing network that’s good news to the developers. This is much expected after Pinterest recorded to generate sales from its referral vists. How to use Pinterest? Pinterest is basically simple to operate.

You need to make boards separated by themes and topics and you can start adding pins to it. Adding pins grows the size of your boards on the webpage. Pins are images that you put in your board by sharing them from the favorite web properties. Images use a greater tendency to attract users than simple text. This simple reason paved the best way for starters from the most successful sites on the internet.

The users have the ability to repin the photos shared by you together with in this way the shared url has the tendency to search everywhere to as many boards as it can. Hence, this can be one from the great ways to increase visibility for a site. People are motivated and love time spending about this new model of social media. Although it lacks the entire functionality like Facebook but nonetheless has much bigger to adhere you to its network.

Let us see what Pinterest has in store due to the users and also advertisers. One thing is certain, this model indicates small business owners the way to success. Continued growth is expected inside near future provided it is constantly improve its functionality.