Tweaking Your Search For Better Results In The Search Engines

Most people when doing research online employing a site like Google just input all of the words they are looking for inside the search box but there is a way to get more relevant leads to what they may be seeking. For example, in Google I juist entered in Jeffrey A. Solochek inside the search box. I get 14,100 matches however when I enclose my name in quotes I get exactly 440 matching results. The reason is because without the quotes you are becoming every site which includes Jeffrey inside it in addition to every site which includes Solochek in it. When you enclose all things in quotes then you’ll only get results which have my exact name into it.

What should you be searching for the outcome of all of the pizza delivery restaurants near you how would you react? If you visit Yahoo and go into the following”pizza,+you zip code” with out the quotes. I live in 31520 so I would enter in Pizza,+31520 and the results could be all the pizza restaurants that are in 31520 zipcode. If I only wanted Pizza delivery places then I would enter “pizza delivery”,+31520. Pizza delivery will have to be entered in quotes so that you can properly only return the outcome that you just needed. Without the quotes you would get recent results for every pizza place every place that does delivery.

Let us say i was doing a search on George Washington wonderful results using the year 1775 we would then using quotes type in “George Washington”,+1775 inside the search box. The ‘+’ sign assures that every your results will retain the keyword that follows the + sign inside.. If you are searching for all the free software site then try entering this into the search box+”free software” as opposed to just free software.

When we did the browse my name by entering the middle initial we narrowed the search in contrast to just entering my first and last name. There are 2 people nowadays using the name Jeff Solochek. Now if we did looking using J Solochek we’d get many more returned results because my stepmothers first name begins using the letter J.

A large amount of the search engines, when doing a search for a similar topic, will return different numbers of results. The reason for this really is they’ve different indexes they will use. Some of the major search engines share a similar index. But if Google is not returning enough results then try the various search engines AlltheWeb that features a larger index the Google. Now there are a couple of internet sites which will allow that you search multiple engines at exactly the same time. I have a utility on my desktop that enables this. Also, what I get as returned results on my name today may be higher or lower tomorrow as these indexes are updated each of the time.

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